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Embroidery Software

Hatch Embroidery Software by Wilcom

What is Hatch?

Wilcom’s newest embroidery software designed for craft and hobby users featuring the latest technology in an easy-to-use interface with add-as-you-go features. Finally, embroidery software that is powerful but doesn’t overwhelm you!

A Powerful embroidery software that doesn’t overwhelm you!

• Use Design Manager to find, organize and search your designs

• View and open designs from within your software

• Adjust display colors

• Use Auto Fabrics to adjust settings for specific fabrics

• Change and optimize colors

• Combine designs

• Select hoops or create your own

• Create your own color palette

• Simulate sewing with Stitch Player

• Resize designs

• 60 lettering or monogramming fonts

• Lettering baselines, Lettering Art and Alignment options

Embroidery Basics

Get started with Embroidery Basics. Manage, customize and output designs quickly and easily! An essential for all embroidery enthusiasts, Hatch Embroidery Basics gives you well-rounded functionality so you can get a head start on your designs. It is the ideal package for managing, customizing and printing embroidery designs easily – perfect for all hobbyists. Get started with Hatch Embroidery Basics and experience the versatility and ease of use with the Hatch starter software.

Browse and open design files
Hatch Embroidery basics takes an integrated approach to managing designs, giving you complete control over where your files are and how you maintain them. Use the built-in “Embroidery Library” to organize your embroidery designs for easy searching and browsing – no need to search your entire drive.


Convert design formats
Work without limitations… Convert your outline or stitch files with the click of a button so you have maximum accessibility. Use the files straight from your embroidery library and save them to and from the .EMB format. Hatch Embroidery Basics supports multiple formats including PCS, PES, VIP, JEF, SEW, DST, EXP and many more to ensure that you get the most out of existing designs.


Manage file folders
Keep track of all your file folders and locations within your “Embroidery Library”.


Personalize your projects with the built-in templates and fonts. Monogrammer gives you the power to create unique monogram and lettering designs. Take personalization into your own hands by creating and customizing your own lettering and monogramming with Hatch Monogrammer. Choose from a selection of pre-designed templates and then customize further by altering the color, stitch type, baselines, layouts and much more. Alternatively, use your personal designs and modify them to your own liking with Hatch Monogrammer. Quick, simple and creative professional standard lettering is now at your fingertips!

Professional Looking Lettering at Home

Create and Re-Shape Lettering
Lettering doesn’t need to be basic! Do it your way with Hatch Monogrammer. Using a built-in “Embroidery Library”, Monogrammer makes it simple to add custom lettering to your designs. Select from the 60 included fonts or convert your own TrueType or OpenType fonts. Adjust your lettering width to make it bolder, or slant them to give an italicized look. Spread your letters apart with the spacing tool.


Edit your lettering using the “Select and Re-Shape Object” tool. Manipulate your lettering in multiple ways right on screen including: adjusting spacing, scaling lettering, and reshaping your letters to create your own personalized design.


Choose your own Layouts with multiple Baselines
Go one step further and choose your layouts with multiple baselines. Lettering shapes and layouts are what give your lettering unique shapes and structures. Choose from a variety of placements – Free or fixed, circle or arched, upright and even free form are just the start of baselines you’ll find yourself using.

Customize your lettering further by adding ‘lettering art’ styles which will distort your lettering by making it arch, compress, stretch or bulge- giving you the ability to manipulate your designs to your liking.


Multi-line Lettering 
Lettering doesn’t stop at one line. When dealing with multi-line lettering, Hatch Monogrammer provides up to four alignment and layout options. You can even customize each line accordingly to achieve the personalized alignments and baselines you envision!

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